From Compassion to Inception
In 1994 our founders came in contact with children living in remote villages. Seeing these children could not afford schooling due to abject poverty they had compassion for them. They started a fund drive and were able to support 10 children at that time. We are currently sponsoring 150-200 poor students each year.

From Caring to Pioneering New Services
During home visitations we found students and their families are ignorant of health and hygiene knowledge which make children vulnerable to health hazards. Such awareness led us to care for their medical and health care needs.  In another front, to keep pace with the nations rapid urbanization we extend our student subsidy services to migrant students through partnership with a school.  Through such subsidy services we are able care for migrant families AT RISK.

Perseverance By Conviction
We firmly believe that children has the rights to education (Article 28) and to environment health (Articles 23 & 24) as defined in The Convention on the Rights of the Child CRC (1989 UNICEF).

United By Love

Over the years through worldwide network, many volunteers have given their love, time and money to join in this effort to help the children.


It is our hope that when these children have grown up and became productive members in society that they will care for the poor such as giving financial aids to poor students. We hope they are willing to share with others even though they may not have enough for themselves..

Service Location
Guangxi Province, China

HK Registration
Grace Vessel has registered in HK as non-profit making company in 2006.  Tax deductible receipts will be issued for donation amount above HKD100.




Contact Details

P.O. Box No. 1093, General Post Office, HONG KONG.

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